Dorset based RFD with precision engineering background specialising in.

The development & testing of lead free ammunition, incuding the prototype in house manufacture of

bullet heads specifically for both 6mm and 7mm calibres.


lead free bullets


Shotgun choke inspection & modification for the change over to steel shot use.

pattern test


Servicing Agent for Conyers Blandford on Air Arms & Weihrauch HW100 PCP Air Rifles.


Designing my own quickfill regulator unit to replace the BSA system which will fit without any modifications

and suit both 12ftlbs and FAC versions. already designed the quickfill gauge unit and successfully in operation
Finished production on the mini regulator unit and already have my own firing valve system.
This should be a good alternative design solution to the BSA regulator and be possibly easier to work on.
SORRY this rifle will only be a one off and is for sale once completed and tested.


Rifle Scope Setting & Ballistics Tuition Formation Of Data For Shooting from 100yds to 1000yds.


Custom Fullbore Reloading & Load Development Tuition.