Important News.

All servicing work must now be delivered to & collected from:

Conyers Gunsmiths Blandford.


3 West St Blandford DT11 7AW.

tel : 01258 452307.



Airguntune has now teamed up with Conyers the Gunsmiths in Blandford, to make high quality servicing
of PCP Air rifles even better. Making it easier for you & the added ability to browse their shop
for any other
products you need. Just contact Justin or Brian at Conyers Blandford.

As most people know Airguntune has been in existence for around 12 years. If you need any more

reassurance on quality & service offered, I am sure if you google Mike Airguntune, this should help.



I always try to respond ASAP To Genuine Enquiries.

No Air Rifles via courier or post thankyou.

No supply of spare parts, or work outside of the UK.